As students and young filmmakers, we lack many financial resources. However, we believe in this story and the message it conveys, and would love your support in seeing it realized. $5,000 is the minimum amount needed. While we hope to go beyond our goal to make a better film, every little bit helps. We hope you believe in its value and will help us bring the story to life.

Our production dates were February 9th-19th. Even if our goal isn't reached, our film will be made. Your contribution will not be the only funding going into our film. Instead, we'll be taking this extra money and using it to paying for the best in talent, locations and equipment.


What YOU Get

Altar Server $10

Be the first to see it. Your name will be featured in the film's credits, which you'll get to see when watching the film before anyone with a private link to an HD copy of the film.


  • Credit as a SILVER Backer
  • Stream the Film
  • Postcard from Ireland

Deacon $25

An introduction the the filmmaking process, with an exclusive link on our website to behind the scenes videos chronicling the film from prep through post. Explore what it takes to make a movie with Casting Calls, Table Reads, time spent with the crew on Location Scouts, from Ireland to the stages here in Southern California. And if that weren't enough, you'll also receive a digital copy of the shooting script with production notes from the Director.


  • Credit as a SILVER Backer
  • Stream the Film
  • PDF of Shooting Script
  • Production Diary

Priest $50

Welcome to GOLD. To take the Behind the Scenes access one step further you'll get everything above, including a unique Production Storyboard Book with original storyboard art and production stills to see how the Director and Cinematographer go from Pre-Viz to Final take. Lastly you will get a digital download of the films Original Score.


  • GOLD Backer. Everything above, plus
  • Digital Copy of Original Film Score
  • Original Production Storyboards

Bishop $100

With access to all the Behind the scenes workings of the film, you will also receive a copy of the finished film on Blu Ray as well as a digital One Sheet of the film's poster signed by Cast & Crew.


  • GOLD Backer. Everything above, plus
  • Blu-Ray of finished film
  • Digital Copy of Poster signed by Cast & Crew

Archbishop $250

You are one of us. As a PLATINUM Backer, you'll be a part of an exclusive group. To show our appreciation you'll receive all the benefits above, PLUS we are going to include a Copy of the original short story collection Dubliners, that inspired the film's script, as well as an exclusive CREW Shirt.


  • PLATINUM Backer. Everything above, plus
  • Original Crew Shirt
  • Dubliners by James Joyce (Original Story)

Cardinal $500

The AIR is getting thin up here. Lets see if we can make things better. Including all the benefits above, each of the CARDINALS will receive personal photos taken by Cast & Crew during the production of the Film. Get an exclusive and unique Behind the Scenes look, just for you. You'll receive one of the Handcrafted Rosary's props used in the film. Lastly, you will receive an IMDb film credit as an Associate Producer


  • PLATINUM Backer. Everything above, plus
  • Personal Behind-The-Scenes photos taken by Cast and Crew
  • One of the Rosary Props from Set
  • Associate Producer Credit (IMDb)

Funding Breakdown

So you might be wondering how your money will be spent. As this is a period film set in Ireland, our production requires unique challenges to bring it to life in the most authentic way possible.

We are now looking for donations to help cover the remaining costs of Post Production. This includes everything from Color-Grading, to Visual Effects and the recording of the Score for the final film.

How You Can Help

Student films are brought together through good faith, hard work and a lot of favors. This is a passion project that we want told and to help most of us graduate. 

Every single dollar counts, and we will accept anything you can give. Every little bit helps. We've tried to create a realistic goal with rewards we think people will enjoy. We want you to be a part of our journey toward making this film.

Either way, be sure to like us on Facebook for continuing updates, and please share our project with your friends and family.

Thank you so much for your time.