Matthew James Eberle

While Matthew has always had a passion for storytelling, and a great love for movies, it wasn't until a few years after high school that he found his way toward directing films. Matthew started Graduate School in the fall of 2014 at Chapman University's Dodge College, where he is currently a Directing Fellow. He likes to explore character through image, sound and emotion to tell compelling stories about the human condition. 

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Amadi Pate

Amadi hails from Dallas, Texas and has a passion for film and telling stories. She specializes in script development and character. Amadi is currently a MFA Film and TV Producing student at Chapman University. And she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Management from The Theatre School at DePaul University. 

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Justin Moore

Justin is a cinematographer from Southern California. He has a Bachelors of Arts from the University of California, Riverside and he is currently pursuing his Masters of Fine Arts at Chapman University. He is interested in stories that explore the deepest emotions of the human existence. He aspires to use his understanding of light to tell stories through creating powerful and emotional images. 

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Zelie Dember-Slack

Zelie is an independent content creator that resides in Southern California, currently in post-production with her first feature film, The Sweetest Heir. She is enrolled at Chapman University, pursuing an emphasis in Editing. In her first semester, Slack received the prestigious Myrtle May Award. In her second year, she successfully completed an internship at MarVista Entertainment where she worked in both the Development and Post Production Departments. 

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Ashleigh Mullins

Ashleigh grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where she spent most of her time watching movies and wishing humidity didn’t exist. She decided to become a Production Designer while completing her undergraduate degree at New York University and followed that passion to the west coast and Chapman University where she is completing the MFA program in Production Design. 

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Zijun Ren

Zijun Ren was born in China, where she studied at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts to get her bachelor degree. She went to Communication University of China to study music recording for three years. Because of the love and passion for film, she came to United States to study sound design. She likes to use sound to tell the stories, and to influence the audience’s emotion. In her free time, she likes to go to the beach and enjoy the sea, as well as coloring to relax her mind. She is on her journey to being a good story- teller. 

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Jesse Owen DeBiase

A film-score composer and statistical musicologist. Jesse holds a BA in Music and Film Studies from the University of Delaware, where he conducted research into the relationship between music, image, and narrative in filmic mediums; he also performed as a member of the UD Opera Theatre and the internationally acclaimed UD Chorale. Jesse also holds an MBA from Chapman University, with an emphasis in Data Analytics. He has composed numerous film scores for student filmmakers across the country. 

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Madison Boutilier

Madison is a multi-disciplinary designer interested in taking architectural thinking into multiple facets of design. She received her Bachelors of Architecture from USC. While in school, she worked in both production design and graphic design. She worked on a variety of music videos, creating work for Island Def Jam, Sony, and Universal music. She currently works as an Art Director for The Refinery Creative, an entertainment advertising company. Her campaigns have been featured on Netflix, Freeform, and ArcEntertainment.